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Hello, my name is Joshua Swanagon and I am an Interactive/Web Developer for Aimia (formerly Carlson Marketing Worldwide) a global marketing firm, but I have a real love for art and illustration. I have been cartooning for a while now working on my feature ArDuffle, and have also been enjoying building my illustration portfolio. This site will be your window into my creative life.

Please feel free to take a look around and get to know me better. Peruse my portfolio, Pick up a nice wallpaper, purchase something from my store, or contact me if you would like to have me do a commission or other work for you. Thank you and please enjoy your stay.

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New site is live

I think that like any creative person it can tend to be hard for me to take a break from the creative process and do some of the administrative work, but I finally broke down and put together a website for my artwork. I’m sure that over the next week or two it will really begin to take shape, but it was hard pulling myself away from my sketch book and sit down to finally hammer this out, but I am glad that I finally did it.


I have had my webcomic site for some time now, but I have really wanted to put something together that highlighted my art in itself. And not wanting to add confusion to my ArDuffle site I decided to create a separate site. I will be using this site to promote my illustration, commissions, art shows, licensing, etc. I will also be using this to promote ArDuffle because that is an area of my art that I am really proud of and happy with. But along with all of this I will also be including a store where I will be selling any books I put together (I have some in near future plans), art prints and any other cockamamy idea I may get. Check it often to see if anything shows up that you have been waiting for. If you don’t see something that you would really like to see from me, drop me a line and let me know, I will see what I can do.


I hope you enjoy the new site. Keep checking it often because I will be adding new images regularly as I get them done.

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