I can never be too sure what is going to strike me, but I can be sure that usually when it does, it doesn’t let me go until I get it done. Whether I am inspired by a particular season or the holidays, or maybe it’s a commission, possibly just a licensing image, I love to draw. Once I am done with a piece I will share it here, with you. So please check back often, because you never know when a new piece is going to hit my portfolio.

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At times I like to be inspired by the season, so this is a collection of season inspired paintings.


Much like seasons, I am often inspired by the holidays, not to mention I do licensing work as well and holidays are big in that field. Here are some of my holiday paintings.

Book Style

I have a real desire to do illustration for books, especially children's books. These are just some random portfolio paintings I did in that style.

Random Fun

Sometimes I just like to play with an idea hits me and won't let me go until I finish it. These are some of those ideas.


My webcomic character ArDuffle (http://www.arduffle.com) is a stunt double for an intergalactic action hero as his day job. These are some paintings I did of him on the job.


I have been working lately on licensable images and have been trying to get a some movement in that area of my art as well as general illustration. This is the area where I will post some of those images as I work on them.